Start Your Own Business In Japan

Equip yourself with the proven basics shown in this course | delivered by Robert Millar


In June 2016 I was interviewed on the popular 2.5 Oyajis YouTube show, which has an amazing subscriber total of almost 148,000 people. We discussed co-working spaces like Ginza Hub, my business consulting, my health coaching and even my martial arts. But by far the thing that generated the highest number of question from viewers was how to start a business in Japan, and now I have several very cool clients from that show, both in Japan and overseas, who've hired me on an hourly basis to help them do just that!

In this free 4-part video course, dripped out to you over 4 days, I detail the steps I refer to in my new 2.5 Oyajis YouTube video above, which was shot at Ginza Hub in November 2016 (best to start the video from about 07:17 if you are interested.)

I'll send an email out to you on each of the 4 days detailing the section of the course for that day, so please look out for those emails.

Throughout the course I'll walk you through the top level thinking required to create a truly successful startup, right down to the nuts and bolts of getting your business set up and launching it.

It's tough launching a startup anywhere, especially in Japan, but if you equip yourself with the proven basics described here, then there's no reason you can't enjoy the successes my clients and I enjoy as entrepreneurs in this fine land.

Robert Millar
Robert Millar
Business Consultant & Entrepreneur Catalyst

Robert is a Tokyo-based startup expert who owns and operates co-working space Ginza Hub. He is also a mentor at the University Of New South Wales’ Innovation Dojo which prepares young Australians to launch startups in Asia. After 15 years as a consultant and 25 years working in Japan, his passion is now coaching small businesses on the tools and strategies needed to succeed.


--- Introduction ---
Lesson 1 - Define The Problem Worth Solving
Lesson 2 - Get A Visa For Doing Business In Japan
Lesson 3 - Register Your Business In Japan
Lesson 4 - Launch Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)