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My name is Robert Millar and I’m a successful entrepreneur and investor working in Japan.

I charge by the hour for my success-building business consulting services, and use sophisticated time tracking software for my clients so that they can set budgets and so that there are never any surprises. My rate is ¥15,000 (or $145) per hour, and that rate also includes my superstar web development and graphic design team, along with other key members of my network, who we can call into your project at any time should we need them.

"Enroll" for free here, tell me a little about your startup idea or your existing small business on the next page, and then take a free initial consultation with me, either in person in Tokyo or online, and let's see how I can help you succeed, just like I've helped so many others.

Robert Millar
Robert Millar
Business Consultant & Entrepreneur Catalyst

Robert is a Tokyo-based startup expert who owns and operates co-working space Ginza Hub. He is also a mentor at the University Of New South Wales’ Innovation Dojo which prepares young Australians to launch startups in Asia. After 15 years as a consultant and 25 years working in Japan, his passion is now coaching small businesses on the tools and strategies needed to succeed.