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The strategies and tools to stay effortlessly organized | delivered by Robert Millar

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Forget time management techniques! David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology trumps them all. But so many people fail to achieve the “mind like water” that's the whole premise of Getting Things Done.

In fact, many small business owners really struggle with organising and managing all of the various moving parts in their business, and this causes a full 50% of new businesses to fail in the first 1 to 2 years.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In this 5-part, 1-week video course I'll distill and walk you through the key concepts of the Getting Things Done methodology
, then show you how you can implement them effortlessly using 2 free online tools that will capture everything you need to think about and work on, and keep you in a stress-free but heightened state of efficiency that you never thought possible.

This powerful solution is easily the single greatest reason for the successes I've enjoyed as a long-term entrepreneur, and the feedback I've received from other entrepreneurs I've taught this solution to has been amazing. Make it yours too.

Robert Millar
Robert Millar
Business Consultant & Entrepreneur Catalyst

Robert is a Tokyo-based startup expert who owns and operates co-working space Ginza Hub. He is also a mentor at the University Of New South Wales’ Innovation Dojo which prepares young Australians to launch startups in Asia. After 15 years as a consultant and 25 years working in Japan, his passion is now coaching small businesses on the tools and strategies needed to succeed.


The Getting Things Done Methodology, Simplified
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Brainstorming and Mindmapping
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